Gel-Pêche by Quentin Dierickx

#Present Your Company

The company Gel-pêche opens the ball to inaugurate this new interview concept. The concept “Present Your Company” is 1 month, 1 person, 1 company. The goal here is to personify the Group’s companies through our collaborators. Can you introduce yourself? I am DIERICKX Quentin, Import/Export Manager at Gel-Pêche.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am DIERICKX Quentin, Import/Export Manager at Gel-Pêche.

After completing business school and an MBA, it was only natural, thanks to my proficiency in 4 languages, that I turned to import-export, starting with a first experience in agri-food in Spain and Portugal. I then worked for a company specializing in frozen seafood, which had a fleet and a factory in Peru. I have been with Gel-Pêche for almost 10 years now, where I have brought my expertise to sourcing from Peru and developed sales in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean.

Can you introduce Gel-Pêche in a few words?

Gel-Pêche is the specialist in Madagascar shrimp with a fleet and factories on-site. We also have strong partnerships worldwide, with countries such as India, Ecuador, and Peru. Our flagship products are wild and farmed shrimp as well as cephalopods.

What, in your opinion, makes Gel-Pêche strong?

We form a team of highly complementary specialists, each with their own strengths and specificities.

What do you like most about your company?

Commercial development in purchasing and sales with the establishment of new channels and products abroad.

One word to describe Gel-Pêche?

“Historical specialist.” Nearly 40 years of existence in shrimp.

Your fondest memory within the company?

Some encounters in specific locations in South America.

If Gel-Pêche were a color, what would it be?

An A4 color because that’s always what people ask when the color of shrimp is important to customers! 😅

Thanks to Quentin for this interview!

To learn more about Gel-Pêche, feel free to visit the website!

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