France Agro Industries by Charlotte Simon

#Present Your Company

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Charlotte Simon, Export Sales Assistant for the Africa Zone. I completed a BTS International Trade and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce Sales Marketing with a DEG specialization.

Can you describe your company in a few words?

We are exporters of industrial supplies. My department exports to Africa.

What do you think makes your company strong?

Its responsiveness.

What do you like most about your company?

Having a versatile position.

One word to describe your company?

Export: we are 100% export-oriented. Our clients are located in several countries in Africa.

Your fondest memory within the company?

I enjoy team cohesion moments. It creates bonds and good memories.

If your company were a color, what would it be?

Blue because it’s the color of the FAI logo, but also because it represents mutual trust with our clients and within our team.

Thanks to Charlotte for this interview! To learn more about France Agro Industries, click here.

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