The Groupe Réfrigépêche Madagascar by Robin Pontier

#Present Your Company

Can you introduce yourself?

Robin Pontier, Operations Director of Groupe GRM (Réfrigépêche Madagascar Group) since late March.

With a Master’s degree in Agribusiness and an MBA, I have been working in the seafood sector for 19 years, holding various positions, including 10 years as Purchasing Manager and the last 4 years within the JMI Group as Site Manager of Crusta C – Arras.

Can you introduce Groupe Réfrigépêche Madagascar briefly?

Groupe Réfrigépêche Madagascar comprises several entities and fisheries that enable us to offer a wide range of fresh and frozen seafood products to our local and international customers daily, while promoting Madagascar’s origin.

What, in your opinion, makes the strength of the Group?

A fully integrated supply chain with a constant concern for sustainable resource management while respecting seasonality, fishing techniques, and contributing to social development.

Dedicated and dynamic teams.

Production sites with EU sanitary approvals.

What do you like most about being part of GFM?

I have just joined the Group, so there is still much for me to discover! First, I appreciate the diversity of products we can offer to our customers. Also, the dedication, versatility, and proactivity of all teams.

One word to describe Groupe Réfrigépêche Madagascar?


My main goal is to support my teams in evolving in a healthy and serene work environment and to develop synergies to increase efficiency and optimize our productivity with the aim of expanding our activities and meeting the expectations of our customers.

Malagasy Proverb: “Tsy misy mafy tsy laitran’ny zoto” (Nothing is impossible to a willing heart).

Thanks to Robin for this interview!

To learn more about Groupe Réfrigépêche Madagascar, feel free to visit the website!

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