JMI’s corporate identity

A strong identity

Our starting point was that we didn’t want a classic, run-of-the-mill corporate identity.
We’ve always striven to be pioneers and this applies to our communications as well.

We weren’t interested in just a logo. We wanted to create a broader brand identity which could encompass all of the group’s companies.

This brand identity aims to:

  • Build employee trust.
  • Express the continued importance of our family-run ethos.
  • At the same time, bolster the group’s positive public profile and image and reinforce its reputation for excellence.

Our red-line: no to blue!
The colour blue is used by most large companies in this sector. It’s a colour which could have been just right for us – a colour that evokes dependability and steadiness.

We wanted to break away from this image in favour of another colour that’s frequently used in this industry but which has a more maverick feel to it: violet!

The concept of complementarity

We have 18 companies and 5 areas of expertise. It was our goal to showcase the full spectrum of JMI’s business activities. Each expertise dovetails perfectly with the other and each company is an indispensable piece of the puzzle and belongs to a bigger whole – the Groupe JMI.

This is exactly what we wanted to highlight with this complementarity-focused approach.

Let’s piece together the meaning behind our corporate brand identity

You’ve guessed it! JMI wanted to go off the beaten track with this vibrantly colourful new identity!

It’s an identity that allows us to represent the group’s 18 companies under one umbrella in our day-to-day operations.

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