The JMI Group is transitioning to recycling!

It’s well known: no sorting, no recycling!

In 2023, according to Le Figaro, “In France, over 2.4 million tons of waste are produced annually by office activities. However, only 35% of these residues are recycled.” At JMI, we’ve understood this well.

That’s why we’ve implemented a sorting system at our facilities in L’Isle-Jourdain to involve all our employees in sorting the waste produced by their activities.

Whether it’s in the offices…

An error in printing? Extra mail? We’ve thought of everything! In the offices, each employee has a waste bin and a paper bin. This paper bin helps facilitate waste collection and paper sorting by our cleaning company.

… or in the common areas…

The common areas are also part of this recycling operation. Recycling bins, sorting bins, and compost for coffee grounds—everything is set up to facilitate these small gestures every day! Not sure if your yogurt pot is recyclable?

Don’t worry! An infographic has been created to dispel any doubts and improve sorting.

… we’re doing everything to facilitate sorting.

Sorting is within everyone’s reach, and every action counts! So, we’re helping and raising awareness among all our employees about sorting to reduce our impact on a daily basis. Since the recent opening of the JMI site, we’ve been on a path of continuous improvement. To discover our past and future actions, don’t hesitate to follow our updates on our LinkedIn page.

This approach extends throughout the Group, as these actions will soon be implemented at various Crusta C sites.

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